Kanthal A1 32 Awg Pre-Coiled Resistance Wire The Kanthal A1 resistance wire is wrapped with 2 different wires and features a 0.2 Ohm resistance.
Kanthal A1 Hive 30 Awg X 2 / 30 Awg X 2 Pre-Coiled Wires The Hive heating coil is wrapped with 4 same wires with 30 AWG.
Kanthal A1 Tiger 26 Awg Pre-Coiled Resistance Wires The Tiger 26 AWG pre-coiled resistance wires are wrapped with 2 different wires.
Kanthal A1 Clapton Pre-Coiled Resistance Flat Wires The Clapton pre-coiled resistance flat wires are wrapped with 2 flat wires.
Kanthal A1 Kanthal A1 26 Awg X 4 Pre-Coiled Parallel Twisted Wires The Kanthal A1 parallel twisted wires are wrapped with 4 x 26 AWG wires.